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Investigation of Turnout Clothing Contamination and Validation of Cleaning Procedures - Phase 12017FPRF 2017 07
SUPDET 2018: Energy Storage System Research and Design Challenge2019FPRF 2019 05
Safe Quantity of Open Medical Gas Storage in Healthcare Facility Smoke Compartments2020FPRF 2020 06
Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings Phase 2: Task 2 & 3 - Cross Laminated Timber Compartment Fire Tests2018FPRF 2018 01
Physical Disability as a Factor in Home Fire Deaths, [2009, 2011, 2014]OSDS USS 82
Fire Detection in Warehouse Facilities: Final Phase I Report2012FPRF 2012 02
Possible Impairment by Alcohol or Drugs as a Contributing Factor in Home Deaths, [2009, 2011]OSDS USS 86
Validation of a Smoke Detection Performance Prediction Methodology Volume 1. Characterization of Incipient Fire Sources2008FPRF 2008 14.01
Validation of a Smoke Detection Performance Prediction Methodology Volume 2. Large Scale Room Fire Tests2008FPRF 2008 14.02
Determining Self Preservation Capability in Pre School Children2014FPRF 000 SP.03
Public Perceptions of High-Rise Building Safety and Emergency Evacuation Procedures: Research Project: Final Report2007FPRF 2007 18
Evaluation of Fire and Explosion Hazard of Nanoparticles2019FPRF 2019 10
Vapor Mitigation Testing Using Fixed Water Spray System: Final Report2019FPRF 2019 03
Development of Real-Time Particulate and Toxic-Gas Sensors for Firefighter Health and Safety: Final Report2019FPRF 2019 18.02
Carbon Monoxide Diffusion Through Porous Walls: A Critical Review of Literature and Incidents2015FPRF 2015 02
Evaluation of the Responsiveness of Occupants to Fire Alarms in Buildings: Phase 12019FPRF 2019 02
Reducing Fire Deaths in Older Adults: Optimizing the Smoke Alarm Signal Research Project: Investigation of Auditory Arousal with Different Alarm Signals in Sleeping Older Adults2006FPRF 2006 09
"Stop, Drop, and Roll": The Technical Substantiation Behind Public Fire Safety Messaging2006FPRF 2006 13
Elevator Messaging Strategies2011FPRF 2011 05
Influence of Gap Sizes Around Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware on Fire and Smoke Development: Final Report2017FPRF 2017 14
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