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Investigation of Turnout Clothing Contamination and Validation of Cleaning Procedures - Phase 12017FPRF 2017 07
SUPDET 2018: Energy Storage System Research and Design Challenge2019FPRF 2019 05
Safe Quantity of Open Medical Gas Storage in Healthcare Facility Smoke Compartments2020FPRF 2020 06
Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications: A Technical Working Conference (SUPDET 2011)2011FPRF 2011 22
Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings Phase 2: Task 2 & 3 - Cross Laminated Timber Compartment Fire Tests2018FPRF 2018 01
Physical Disability as a Factor in Home Fire Deaths, [2009, 2011, 2014]OSDS USS 82
Fire Detection in Warehouse Facilities: Final Phase I Report2012FPRF 2012 02
Possible Impairment by Alcohol or Drugs as a Contributing Factor in Home Deaths, [2009, 2011]OSDS USS 86
Validation of a Smoke Detection Performance Prediction Methodology Volume 1. Characterization of Incipient Fire Sources2008FPRF 2008 14.01
Validation of a Smoke Detection Performance Prediction Methodology Volume 2. Large Scale Room Fire Tests2008FPRF 2008 14.02
Determining Self Preservation Capability in Pre School Children2014FPRF 000 SP.03
Public Perceptions of High-Rise Building Safety and Emergency Evacuation Procedures: Research Project: Final Report2007FPRF 2007 18
Evaluation of Fire and Explosion Hazard of Nanoparticles2019FPRF 2019 10
Vapor Mitigation Testing Using Fixed Water Spray System: Final Report2019FPRF 2019 03
Development of Real-Time Particulate and Toxic-Gas Sensors for Firefighter Health and Safety: Final Report2019FPRF 2019 18.02
Carbon Monoxide Diffusion Through Porous Walls: A Critical Review of Literature and Incidents2015FPRF 2015 02
Evaluation of the Responsiveness of Occupants to Fire Alarms in Buildings: Phase 12019FPRF 2019 02
Reducing Fire Deaths in Older Adults: Optimizing the Smoke Alarm Signal Research Project: Investigation of Auditory Arousal with Different Alarm Signals in Sleeping Older Adults2006FPRF 2006 09
"Stop, Drop, and Roll": The Technical Substantiation Behind Public Fire Safety Messaging2006FPRF 2006 13
Elevator Messaging Strategies2011FPRF 2011 05
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