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Smoke Detector Spacing for High Ceiling Spaces2017FPRF 2017 20
Carbon Monoxide Detection and Alarm Requirements: Literature Review2021FPRF 2021 01 REV
Digitized Fuel Load Survey Methodology Using Machine Vision2019FPRF 2019 22
Railing Height, Design, and Criteria Review: Final Report2019FPRF 2019 09
Safe Quantity of Open Medical Gas Storage in Healthcare Facility Smoke Compartments2020FPRF 2020 06
Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings - Phase 2: Task 4 - Engineering Methods2018FPRF 2018 04
Review of Oxygen Reduction Systems for Warehouse Storage Applications2018FPRF 2018 13
Flammable Refrigerants Firefighter Training: Hazard Assessment and Demonstrative Testing2019FPRF 2019 04
Door Messaging Strategies: Implications for Detection and Notification2019FPRF 2019 12
Influence of Particle Size and Moisture Content of Wood Particulates on Deflagration Hazard2019FPRF 2019 07
Door Messaging Strategies Workshop Proceedings: Final Proceedings2019FPRF 2019 11
Sprinkler Protection Guidance for Lithium-ion Based Energy Storage Systems2019FPRF 2019 06
Research Roadmap: Environmental Impact of Fires in the Built Environment2020FPRF 2020 02
An Analysis of Firefighter Breathing Air Replenishment Systems2021FPRF 2021 04
Preparing for Disaster: Workshop on Advancing WUI Resilience2021FPRF 2021 03
Reducing Fire Deaths in Older Adults: Optimizing the Smoke Alarm Signal Research Project: Summary Technical Report2006FPRF 2006 08
Smoke Alarm Nuisance Source Characterization: Phase I2015FPRF 2015 12
Smoke Alarm Nuisance Source Characterization: Phase I2014FPRF 2014 28
Smoke Characterization Project: Technical Report2007FPRF 2007 20
Development of Real-Time Particulate and Toxic-Gas Sensors for Firefighter Health and Safety: Executive Summary2019FPRF 2019 18.01
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