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SUPDET 2018: Energy Storage System Research and Design Challenge2019FPRF 2019 05
Flammable Refrigerants: Fire Fighter Training Material Development Workshop2018FPRF 2018 14
Addressing community wildfire risk: a review and assessment of regulatory and planning tools Final report2011FPRF 2011 19
Fire Protection and Safety: The Next 25 Years2008FPRF 2008 03
Fire risk assessment method. Case study 2, Carpet in offices /1990FPRF 1990 02
Sprinkler Protection Guidance for Lithium-ion Based Energy Storage Systems2019FPRF 2019 06
Assessment of hazardous voltage : Current in marinas, boatyards and floating buildings /2014FPRF 2014 04
Determining self-preservation capability in pre-school children2014FPRF 000 SP.03
Development of a technical basis for carbon monoxide detector siting : research project final report2007FPRF 2007 03
Estimation of fireball dimensions from NFPA 68 /2018FPRF 2018 03
Evaluation of the impact on non-linear power on wiring requirements for commercial buildings Final report2011FPRF 2011 17
Fire Resistance of Concrete for Electrical Conductors2018FPRF 2018 16
Fire safety challenges of green buildings : Final report /2012FPRF 2012 10
Fire safety challenges of tall wood buildings : final report /2013FPRF 2013 08
Fire Safety in Theatres - A New Design Approach : Part I Assessment of Fire Safety Measures in Procenium Theatres /2009FPRF 2009 04
Fires in residential properties under construction or undergoing major renovation2014OSDS USS 95 2014
Guidance document : Emergency communication strategies for buildings : Final Report /2014FPRF 2014 19
National engineered lightweight construction fire research project : Bibliography /1992FPRF 1992 06
National engineered lightweight construction fire research project : technical report, literature search & technical analysis /1992FPRF 1992 03
Pathways for building fire spread at the wildland urban interface : Final report /2015FPRF 2015 09
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