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Door Messaging Strategies: Implications for Detection and Notification2019FPRF 2019 12
NFPA Firewise ArcView lessons learned research project : final report /2006FPRF 2006 15
Evaluation of the Responsiveness of Occupants to Fire Alarms in Buildings: Phase 12019FPRF 2019 02
Pathways for building fire spread at the wildland urban interface : Final report /2015FPRF 2015 09
Wildland urban interface land use policy workshop : for the Colorado Front Range /2013FPRF 2013 13
Determining self-preservation capability in pre-school children2014FPRF 000 SP.03
Public perceptions of high-rise builidng safety and emergency evacuation procedures - research project : final report /2007FPRF 2007 18
Mass evacuation and sheltering : Final report /2016FPRF 2016 07
Addressing community wildfire risk: a review and assessment of regulatory and planning tools Final report2011FPRF 2011 19
Workshop on International Wildfire Risk Reduction /2017FPRF 2017 16
e-Sanctuary: Open multi-physics framework for modeling wildfire urban evacuation2017FPRF 2017 22
A collection of geospatial technological approaches for wildland and wildland urban interface (WUI).2014FPRF 2014 05
Assessment of total evacuation systems for tall buildings : Final report /2013.FPRF 2013 02
Assessment of total evacuation systems for tall buildings [Springer Briefs in Fire]: Final report /2013FPRF 000 SP.12
Wildland Urban Interface: Fire Department Wildfire Preparedness and Readiness Capabilities, {Phase 1 and Final Report]OSDS USS 106
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